Production of skirting boards from solid wood and MDF

Client situation

For 10 years, the company has been engaged in the production and offline wholesale of sawn timber. In 2020, it was decided to enter retail through an online store and social media. During the briefing with the client, 2 main problems were identified: the lack of statistics and the internal unpreparedness of the company for online retail sales.
As a solution, we proposed to develop a preliminary small online store for the main products of the company — skirting boards. Thus, it was possible to collect information and conduct testing at low cost, as well as reduce the risks when implementing a full-fledged online store.
To the website
What is done
Analysis and strategy, logo design, product photography, website development on Tilda, contextual advertising setting.
The company’s monthly turnover increased by 250,000 rubles.
Logo development
The main idea of the logo is a direct association with the shape of the skirting board. The contour lines follow the simple profile of the skirting board and complement the slightly compressed chopped font. Soft colors create a homely atmosphere. The difference in font thickness and contour lines makes the name of the online store stand out and makes it easier to remember. The second version of the logo is intended for small spaces, such as icons on social networks or the favicon of a site.
Product photos
Photos of samples were taken in the form familiar to the market — demonstration of the profile of the skirting board. Gray background colors help focus attention on the cut.
Website features
A complex calculator for calculating the cost of goods by several parameters, implemented through options in the Ecwid service.
Product cards
Website design
The online store is developed on the Tilda constructor. The modern and minimalist design allows you to quickly introduce changes, which is convenient when collecting data and testing hypotheses. The site is easy to navigate and visual to the user.
Contextual advertising
The advertising company was tuned in to quickly collect information about user behavior, so the main strategy was to attract the largest number of visitors at the lowest cost. For 2 weeks of optimizations and settings, we managed to reduce the average cost of the transition to 26 rubles.
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