Drinking water delivery in Moscow

Client situation

Until 2020, the company was engaged in the delivery of drinking water for wholesale customers in Moscow. Due to the pandemic, management decided to launch a new delivery route for retail buyers.
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What is done
Brand naming, logo design, product styling, website development on Tilda.
Brand naming
The development of the name was carried out taking into account the selection of the domain for the site, so the presence of the word "Water" was a prerequisite for further SEO promotion. The source material for the name was the word "Equator". After changing part of the word to "Water" we got the final result "EqWater".
Logo development
The owner of the company wanted a simple and easily recognizable brand name in the logo, while not too commonplace, like a drop of water. Therefore, when developing the graphic part, we decided to combine a metaphor and a direct association — a sea wave enveloping an embryo.
The wave is associated with water and goes well with the name "Equator", almost completely repeating the shape of a circle. The embryo is a symbol of the beginning and origin of life from water. The logo is designed in several versions for different media: website, letterhead, car, etc.
Website features
Navigation through the catalog through product categories, unusual for the Tilda constructor.
Product styling
Initially, it was planned to have an emotionally neutral design of goods using a light gray background. But this solution did not match the color palette of many pumps and coolers.
Light blues or blues were much better suited for solid colors. Therefore, the final solution was the average value of the logo gradient.
Website design
Despite the visually shifted emphasis towards the corporate background color, the site is designed with the ability to harmoniously use completely different color palettes. The structure of the online store is simple, convenient and intuitive for users to navigate.
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