Drinking water delivery in Moscow region

Client situation

At the beginning of 2018, the company’s website dropped significantly in terms of positions in the search results and stopped attracting new customers. For 2 years, sales were carried out according to the old base. To get out of the crisis, the owner decided to completely update the site and contacted us.
Realizing that updating the site will not help the customer in any way, we conducted a small analysis and offered a comprehensive solution to the problem, which included internal changes in the company’s work.
To the website
What is done
Analysis and strategy, logo revision, website development with Tilda, styling of goods, setting up contextual advertising, SEO promotion, developing corporate identity media, setting up a CRM system.
The company’s monthly turnover has increased 2.5 times, 3−5 new customers come daily.
logo refinement
The original logo files have been lost. So we re-rendered it based on the PNG images from the old site. We fixed bugs, eliminated shifts and irregularities and developed 5 versions for use on different backgrounds and media.
Product styling
To highlight the online store on the market, we offered the customer a single background design for all products. Such a decision made it possible to capture the attention of site visitors and be remembered in relation to competitors.
The chosen corporate color is not only associated with water. It is also matched to the logo and shades of gray prevailing among the products.
Website features
The client’s wishes: the presence of a user’s personal account with a purchase history, preservation of the cumulative system of discounts from the old site, the ability to work with the wholesale system of discounts.
Development of an online store based on the Tilda constructor in conjunction with the Ecwid service, which has the necessary functionality.
Main pages
The visual design of the site is based on the previously developed background of the products. To create a friendly mood, it was used the Circe Rounded font with rounded edges. Backgrounds and functionalities such as buttons and icons are also rounded to maintain a font-specific atmosphere.
Additional pages
Among the client’s tasks was website promotion in individual cities and small groups of target audience. To address this issue, we have developed 20 landing pages that allowed us to work with specific key queries.
CRM system
To change and improve the delivery service, it was important to select and configure a CRM system with the ability to inventory and build a courier route.
The best possible service for working with Ecwid turned out to be Retail CRM, which made it possible to fully track the path of goods and funds.
SEO promotion
Website promotion mainly took place in Yandex search results for several districts of the Moscow region, Yaroslavl direction. To improve the result, maps and regional services were used.
For 8 months, the site reached the top 10 for 72 requests in Yandex and in the top 10 for 30 requests in Google.
Contextual advertising
The advertising campaign was configured only in Yandex.Direct. Google Ads was not considered due to the small budgets of the customer. For 7 months, 362 regular customers came with an average final cost of 328 rubles.
Branded elements
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